Vinyl Canopy Tarp, Flame Resistant (custom made)

Product Description

We use top quality, Made is USA fabric to finish our tarps. We know you want the best when it comes to custom made tarps.

Fabric’s limited warranty is 5 years against UV degradation under normal weather condition. Life span is 5 to 10 years.

We currently don’t have a list of vinyl sizes, due to being custom made so please call us for the specific size you need.

Price is $1.25 to $1.50 per square ft of fabric needed to finish the size you need. When calculating, you may add one extra foot on each side to compensate the extra material needed on the seam and hem so the tarp finished size is not shorter when we fold the hem or overlap the seams. The fabric comes in 5 ft wide, a 10′ W x 20′ L tarp will have one seam, a 20′ x 20′ will have 3 seams.

You can also get ideas of sizes from our poly tarps’ list if you don’t have a size in mind yet, or just give us a call during regular business hours.

Heavy duty vinyl tarps made with 16 or 18 oz blackout special-tent fabric. California Flame Retardant Registered.

Our 16 oz is 1000 Denier, or 18 oz is usually 1300 Denier (sometimes we have to use 1000 Denier on the 18 oz depending on the color).

Solid Brass grommets every 12″, 16″, 18″ or customer specifications.

We use#3 (7/16″) solid brass grommets [nickel finish, natural brass finish, black chemical finish (all brass material)].

Standard colors available in white and beige, more colors can be made based on size of tarp and quantity or fabric available.

Call us to order the size and color (714) 752-6635 or (562) 777-7670

Business hours: Monday – Friday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm), Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific standard time.

For will call or to place your order in person at: 7700 Stage Rd. Buena Park, CA 90621

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